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As part of this year’s CivTech 6 challenge, we’re working with Scottish Government to understand what school age childcare options families need and what options are available to them.

The Caerus Team will use this information to create a single space for families to find and book the childcare they need.

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Launching early 2022!

Share your views now, tell us about the childcare you need and we’ll provide a list of local, care inspectorate registered childcare providers. The information you provide will help us to build a one-stop-shop for school age childcare.

The system will be able to find clubs and activities in your area, allowing you to connect with providers instantly. Register now and be the first to find the care you need.

Improve activities and childcare in your area

We want to improve access and availability of activities and childcare for parents. We need to hear your opinion so we can help you and other parents find school age childcare that fits.

Share your views today to ensure that your voice is heard.

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Make finding out of school childcare easy

Do you have multiple children and struggle to find services that cater for them at the same time?

Caerus will find an available service for all, near their school or home. 

Enrol your children in activities, clubs and classes

Find out of school activities like drama, sports, martial arts, dance and outdoor adventures near your home or child’s school.

Specialised childcare, at a price that suits you.

If you’re looking for professional childminders,
childcare providers or care for children with special needs, Caerus will introduce you Care Inspectorate certified services.

Reduce the burden of care on family and friends 

It might be less expensive than you think to give the grandparents some time back and let your children participate in the activities they enjoy.

Get updates when spaces become available

If you can’t find an exact match we’ll recommend close alternatives and notify you when a match is available.

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